Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

how to resign professionally


In the case of resignation from the workplace is not an easy thing to do.The resignation is not an easily digestible for all Indonesia orang.apalagi atmosphere in which everything connected with manners. Speech and behavior assessed and must be kept in such a way so as not to cause defect. Then how do I resign the right job?

1 . Ask at least 2 weeks or a month earlier. Would be easier for the company if they know early so they can prepare your penggati. No professional if you leave it just works with no more responsibility.

2 . Being honest about the reasons why resing.tak need to cover up the real and absurd reasons. But, also keep your good name in your old company.

3 . Conduct face-to-face resignation letter will not mean anything compared to your presence and petition directly goodbye.

4 . A big thank you sincerely. After all you've got a lot of experience your place of work and for that you should thank your boss.

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