Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Benefits of Solar Energy for life

If we travel during the day was the dry season so that more and more hot weather lunch. This is because the sun is at the closest distance to Earth. In the afternoon as the sun began to set, the light gradually disappear until nightfall
Survival, living organisms on earth depends on solar energy energy matahari.tanpa all life forms (humans, animals and plants) will be destroyed.
The sky became dark because the only source of light is sunlight. The earth will become cold quickly everything becomes frozen surface of the earth. There was no change in the weather. Without a change in the weather no rain. Most areas of the earth will experience drought.
With the sun, living things on earth can get food from plants. Chemical energy contained in plants from the photosynthesis process that involves the process of solar energy, carbon dioxide, and water.
Directly human indirect use of the sun as a source of new energy. Sun directly used to dry clothes, dry food, salt-making process and others.
Indirect solar energy used to power air.daur rainy weather caused a decline in the yield and water rivers flow and move the turbine power generation stations. Coal and oil is one of the minerals that can be used as a new energy. Material from the mine's stored solar energy from the remnants of plants that once lived and were buried along with the rocks centuries ago.

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