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Erbepebe Jaya Enterprise
Jln. Peace Park IV Blok D14 / No. 10
Makmur Cipondoh Tlp. 021 55751737
KotaTangerang 15,148
Banten - Indonesia


Reff No. 018 / Eje-Mark/SP/2007

Tangerang October 20, 2007

Dear Purchasing Manager
A & W Restaurant
Jln. Teluk Gong Raya
North Jakarta

Up. Mother Henny Tirtajaya

Subject: Offer Hand Soap Liquid

With this offer we submitted a letter to the Mother of the products we produce as follows:

1) .. Brilliant Liquid Hand Soap
Liquid dishwashing soap is a very hygienic hand because it contains antiseptic
So these products are advised to use before and after meals
Price Rp. 50.000, - per 5-liter gallon contents
Compare this with the regular market price of almost Rp. 125.000, - per 5 gallons of content
Liter, and the number of outlets in dimisalkan A & W Restaurant is + / - 170 Outlet is able to
Doing pengiritan Rp. 12,750,000, - per month

Here we provide samples to test wash

So this offer letter we sent in the hope that relations will be beneficial in both the future and if there are any questions please contact us on 021 55751737 or aircraft into our HP 081,586,573,668. For more details we attach several attachments to support our bid to your company Henny Tirtajaya (Purchasing Manager) A & W Restaurant .

So this offer letter we add, for the attention and good cooperation we thank you


Erbepebe Jaya Enterprise,

Dofi setiady

Here are our attachments include:

1. Bid Proposal 1 fruit,
2. 5 kinds of product samples

sumber : + editing

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